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How To Organize Potluck Wedding

Potluck weddings are not very popular for a variety of reasons but the main one perhaps is that it is a very community-oriented way to celebrate, well, almost anything. And while many people do belong to church or other communities, most often see a wedding as a formal occasion for which a couple hires professional caterers while guests bring gifts.

How To Pull Off Potluck Wedding

Potluck wedding is a great way to not just save budget but simply enjoy a family style dinner with really good food with history and tradition behind each recipe. It is a beautiful way of letting people who care about you to help you celebrate the start of your new family. That is provided that you are close and they offer their help. Here are a few things to keep in mind when organizing a wedding potluck though.

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Get Community On Board

If most of your guests are on practical terms with potluck it’ll be easy to pull off since they will know what it’s going to be like, what to expect, and what they should bring. Give other guests a choice to bring nothing as well because not everyone can cook. And if your guests are travelling to your wedding it would not be fair to ask them to participate after road stress and expenses.

Cook Something Special Too

Relying on just guests bringing in meals isn’t very prudent, especially if you are having a large wedding. You don’t want people to leave hungry. Besides as hosts you should have something on the table to greet your guests in a proper fashion. Cook your signature main course and appetizers for people to snack on while the potluck dishes are being served.

Word It Clearly

Make sure to word your potluck in invitations to give people an idea of what’s it going to be like, what to expect. Leave space in RSVP cards for people to write what they will be bringing to ensure careful organization.

Get Help

If you aren’t doing a backyard or home wedding you’ll need to make sure your venue is okay with potluck and will provide kitchen staff to help organize and serve the food. If you are holding your wedding at your local church be sure to rent tableware to make sure everyone has a plate and that you won’t be washing and cleaning it the entire day after your celebration.

What do you think about potluck weddings? Have you been to one? Have you done it? Was it fun?

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