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How to Make Him Propose You

Seems like more and more men tend to drag out proposing to their female partners, what really distresses their soul mates. If you are one of those women in the longstanding relationship, who is tired of long waiting for proposal and uncertainty, you may find out tips useful in making your situation move towards the productive results.

How to make him propose you

Avoid pushing too hard
Opting for the pushing position will definitely make you appear desperate and may make him turn the opposite way. Try to raise this topic in the very delicate and polite way since in fact you are demanding him to get rid from his full independence and freedom. Avoid asking him head-on, rather play with him in mind games that will provoke him to propose you.

ProposalStart discussing your future with him
Try to start talking about your joint future as the suitable moment comes. Start with the simple issues like picking the place for settling down or the money saving up process. Make sure to consider his opinion on these issues and adjust to it. This will give him a clue that you are totally ready for the marriage and make him start thinking about the marriage more seriously.

ProposalStart talking about friends who plan to get married
Talking about the friends’ marriages and honeymoon plans among other things will notify him that you cannot wait to heading in the same direction as your friends.
ProposalGive him some space
If you understand that he requires some personal space, give it to him. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to keep up with the anchoretic way of life. On the other hand, try to go out and spend some interesting time with your male pals, but don’t step outside the friendship framework. It will definitely make your desires clear for him.

ProposalStart taking financial decisions on your own
Even if you already have the joint financial budget, it is time to start commanding your finances independently. Have him observe that you live the life you used to live before he appeared in your life. Whenever he asks questions about your independent behavior, simple throw him a phrase “We are not married”. Results won’t make you wait for long!
Discuss moving opportunities
Nonchalantly start talking about your moving to another place searching for the better career opportunities. This should push him to the serious step like proposing if he really loves you. In case this doesn’t have the desirable impact on him, maybe you should take a thorough look at your relationship and figure whether he is mature enough for the serious step like marriage.
Handing an ultimatum is probably the most extreme way to make him propose you. This can have two outcomes: he will either marry you immediately or make him run in the opposite direction. Simply tell him that despite your love you just cannot be in suspense forever. In case his feelings are as deep as yours, he will take the actions immediately.


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