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How to Involve Groom in Wedding Planning Process

wedding-couple.jpgThe wedding planning process is not as easy as it might appear, so the brides shouldn’t load themselves with all the pre-wedding issues. Moreover, planning your special day along with your beloved one is a unique chance to spend together those last days before you officially marry each other and plunge into the everyday issues. Besides, doesn’t he has his own thoughts and wishes regarding your wedding?

But despite all the obvious advantages of being involved in the wedding planning process, it is still becomes the number one problem during the pre-wedding period. If you just cannot think of ways of involving your groom into the wedding planning, you can use our simple tips that will turn your groom’s “whatever” into “whatever you need”.


How to involve your groom in the wedding planning

Plan together
Both of you should step away from the old believe that wedding planning is fully bride’s responsibility. Moreover, explain your groom that wedding is not only the bride’s celebration, it is the day when the two of you can publicly state about your love. You can try to involve him in the planning process by simply taking him to all the wedding-related appointments and ask for his opinion on major issues.
bachelorette-photographyConsider his interests
The most effective way to have your groom involved is considering his interests and playing to them. Think what the main sphere of his interests is and split the wedding planning tasks based on things he likes. Let him be responsible for the tasks he will enjoy doing such as limo ordering or musicians picking. Don’t forget to ask him write his own vows. Also, he will surely like planning the honeymoon and who knows, maybe in the result you will be surprised with the nice romantic details arranged by your groom.
bachelorette-photographyBe creative
Before starting the entire wedding planning process, sit down with him and discuss the inspiration and ideas you both like and want to implement on your wedding day. Based on that create the inspiration board and this will be your first step in the wedding planning. Make sure to be open to his thoughts and ideas even though you might not like them. Be supportive as rejecting his thoughts and ideas is a sure way to groom’s indifference to all that wedding fuss.
bachelorette-photographyArrange the time for wedding issues
Instead of bothering him day and night about your wedding planning issues, set the “wedding time” when you can discuss in details your wedding planning process. Another way is gathering the entire wedding party together from a monthly session in the relaxed and fun atmosphere. As we all know, people enjoy having the power, so delegate him with the privilege of managing the wedding issues with vendors.
bachelorette-photographyAssign his responsibilities
Keep in mind that groom should be only responsible for the tasks that he enjoys doing, which will be probably amongst the easiest ones. It is ok to ask him for help since he is your partner. Often grooms wouldn’t mind helping the brides, but they simply don’t know what to start with, so keep him informed on things where you need help.

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