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How to Finance Your Wedding

wedding-finance-budgetIf you are anxious about financing your wedding celebration, then you are probably planning too big a wedding. In order to avoid this, try to cut the guests amount, replace the costly stake with chicken, serve only beer and wine or else correct your budget to your financial resources.

Keep in mind that the worst thing you can do is getting the loan for paying for your wedding: it would be better starting the married life without being burned with debt. We bring you some key ways to finance your wedding.

How to finance your wedding

Step 1
Spare no matter what- this is still the best way to finance your wedding. Plan spending on the wedding the sum that will still leave your from three to six months of your leaving expenses on the account, the certain sum should be left for the emergency situations, retirement funds for the two of you. Keep in mind expense on vacations, purchase of clothes and buying of the new car.
Step 2
Have guests pay for the major wedding expenses. For instance, suggest one of the few of your guests to invest the money they planned to spend on gifts purchase in reimbursing the fees of the wedding vendors like the DJ or photographer, cake or venue rentals.
Step 3
By accident ask your guests for the cash gifts instead of the traditional ones. In fact in many cultures cash is the ordinary wedding gifts. Simply put the phrase “No boxed gifts” on your wedding invites. Another way to effortlessly tell your guests about accepting the cash envelopes is having an embellished cardboard “wishing well”.
Step 4
Consider paying the wedding vendors fees in parts. Discuss with the photographer, musicians, caterers and other vendors whether it is possible to have the installment plan. In most times they expect to be fully paid by the end of the wedding day.
Step 5
Barter is the way to go for the enterprising couples. Just think about this, you might sell the items the wedding caterers need, then it won’t be a problem to trade for you sell for what you need. Simply ask the vendors or turn to the local barter exchange, which are in the abundance around the country.
In case you go for the barter, keep in mind that the IRS considers the cost of the goods or services you get to be your taxable business income.

American Express provides with the Gift Cheques service, which are the ideal option for receiving the cash gifts.

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