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How To Do Wedding Without Ceremony

That title may sound unexciting but bear with me and you may just find a way to make your wedding day special without all of the exhausting planning, stress, and spending. You can really celebrate your love by simply going out, eating ice cream, or doing something you enjoy together.

Wedding Without Ceremony

A couple on the beach enjoying sunset

Honeymoon Wedding

Just like a destination wedding you can have this wedding in a country of choice but without all the guests. It’s an ideal way for private people to combine the the wedding and honeymoon, save some money, and get away from all the social awkwardness of a traditional reception. It can also be a nice kick off of your travelling route.

Family/Friends Get-Together

An unofficial family/friends get-together is a great way to spend the day of your wedding if you’re close with your family and friends. Outdoor pool party, BBQ, or simply a nice quite dinner may bring people in your family even closer together and help you celebrate and remember the day.

You can also gather friends and go for an activity you all would enjoy or set up a photoshoot if you want to.

Couple Hobby

If you enjoy a hobby together you can plan something special on your wedding day and do that together. What can be more fulfilling than spending a day with your closest and most beloved person doing something you’re both invested to enjoy ing each other’s company.

Date Night

Date night is something more traditional and for some may not feel very special but everything’s in your hands. Book a special restaurant (maybe the one from your very first date or the one where you proposed), do something you both enjoy, and take a romantic stroll back home. Pick a more scenic route or simply (re)discover the city you’re living in.

Your wedding day can be as fun and exciting as you can make it. It’s all in your hands and it’s all about you and your love for each other. Don’t let others dictate how it’s supposed to go. Even you’d rather stay in and watch a movie with an assortment of your favorite movie snacks instead of a table of catered food it should not bother you or anyone else who thinks that every wedding should have an xyz.

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