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How To Create A Guest List

Wedding reception guests
Wedding reception guests
Arranging a wedding reception must be one of the most frustrating and tiresome activities in our lives. It just might seem that it is an extremely fun engagement, while in reality a significant amount of nerve cells is usually being sacrificed for the sake of a successful event. One of the numerous decision that a couple has to make is the guest list. How many people should one invite? How close should the guests be to receive such an honor? When is the best time to create such a list? All of these questions and some others will be answered below.

How To Manage Your Wedding Reception: Choosing Guests

Most people get to compose guest lists right before the event. This is a huge mistake, as you have to finalize the list before you start planning your reception. Otherwise, you might end up having everything planned and figuring out that you have excluded a bunch of important people from the list – in this case it might be quite hard to fit them in the event. Hence, start working on your guest list beforehand, as you will anyway add more names (or take some out) during the course of preparation. This early step will allow you to see the whole picture when you will be arranging the reception itself, so you will know for sure the number of seats, size of the required venue and amount of food and drinks to order.

Next, it is important to decide upon how many people you would like to invite. And here it all depends on your budget: if you have a large amount of financial resources at your disposal, then this should not be an issue at all. You simply add all the names that come up to your mind and then send out the invitations. However, most of the time our pockets are quite tights, so we have to make some sacrifices and solve various dilemmas. In this case, you need to indicate the closest persons from both sides and see how much of the overall amount they make. Based on this result, you can go ahead and add several more people to your list.

Be sure that the guest list is inclusive enough, in a sense that both sides have more or less equal number of people. There are situations though when one party does not have a lot of people to invite – in this case the other party does not have to limit their amount of guests. It’s just that the quantities are to be proportional. For instance, if the bride invites all her colleagues leaving no room for the groom’s coworkers, the distribution of seats will have to be reconsidered.

These were the main aspects to take into consideration when working on your guest list. Keep in mind that the earlier you start, the easier it will be for you to plan the rest of your event, as the number of invited people will affect all the other reservations and purchases.

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