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How to Choose Wedding Night Accommodation

Usually when the couples plan their wedding day, they tend to forget about the wedding night, which is also an important thing on the wedding planning checklist. In fact, you are supposed to spend the most special night in your life together so it is important to make sure it is well planned.

Allocate the time for discussing your expectations and alternatives for the wedding night accommodations in order to avoid unpleasant surprises on the big night.

Tips on choosing the wedding night accommodations

Public or private
It is important to discuss with your partner whether you want to spend your first wedding night partying with your friends or spend it one-on-one and simply meet them during the morning breakfast. In the first case you may book the room in the same hotel with your guests otherwise stay in the different place.
Don’t go for the remote place
It is better to avoid spending your wedding night at the place that is too far from the venue since you will be both tired from wedding celebration and probably a bit drunk after the numerous glasses of champagne. So, the long drive will exhaust you before you set out to the first night magic. In case you plan to leave for the honeymoon the next morning, think about booking the hotel that is close to the airport.
Look for wedding bargains
Some hotels tend to have the special bridal bargains so don’t hesitate to look for such hotels.
Don’t be a penny pincher
Keep in mind that ideally it is a once in a lifetime event so don’t be a penny pincher and indulge yourself and your beloved one on the wedding night accommodation. Book the luxurious room of the high comfort, but avoid packages with the additional services you probably won’t be using such as spa treatments.
Late checkout
In case you plan to book the accommodations only for a night, figure whether the late checkout is available if you want to fully enjoy the romantic breakfast in the morning.
Newlywed package
The reputable hotels tend to provide the newlyweds with the specials like fresh flowers, bottle of champagne, chocolate, fruits and even the massage oils.

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