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How Much to Spend on the Wedding Gift

It could be hard figuring the sum you should spend on the wedding gift, especially if the couple is not your close friends or relatives. From the one side nobody wants to seem greedy, but from the other- you don’t want to spend too much money on the gift for the people you don’t know very well. These tips will help you to figure the sum of money, which is appropriate to be spent on the wedding gift.

How much to spend on the wedding gift

Frankly speaking, the wedding gift purchasing shouldn’t be crucial for your budget. Neither the couple neither you expect it. So, base the wedding gift cost depending on the sum you are ready and want to spend on this particular couple. Take into consideration that you will be purchasing a few presents for one couple: an engagement, bridal shower and wedding gifts. Split the overall sum you are ready to spend into a 25%-25%-50%, where 50% from the sum should be spent on the wedding gift.
In case the bride and groom decide to follow the wedding etiquette rules, they will definitely pick the items in the different price range for the registry. Opt for the gift that fits your budget. This way you will be able to give the gift that the couple really likes at the affordable price. The key is shopping as soon as possible in order to have the wider choice of items.
Cover the dinner
The golden rule of thumb: the cost of the gift should cover the cost of the wedding dinner. Nowadays this sum might range from $50 to $150. In case you don’t want to bother too much, simply figure how much the couple is paying for the dinner per person by checking the caterer’s website.
If you already had the wedding, then you should simply reciprocate the gifts you received from these people if you are not sure what to give.
Choose whatever you can
If you still have no clue what to opt for, just purchase whatever you can afford. In case the bride and groom know your economic status, they will definitely understand why you chose an inexpensive gift and won’t take it personally. Instead of going for the costly gift, opt for something they will appreciate.

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