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Guide for Men: What to Wear to the Wedding


Those men who have never attended weddings before it might be difficult deciding what to wear without the useful tips, especially in case the wedding requires the dress code. The way you dress could differ depending on the wedding’s style, location and weather. Luckily, it is pretty easy keeping up with the dress code of the majority of the weddings. So, try to plan ahead in order not to look out of the place.

How to dress for the wedding

Formal wedding
The major part of the formal weddings requires the men wearing the suit or tuxedo depending on the time of the day the wedding is held. Also consider the way the wedding party is dressed and try to keep up with it.
Informal wedding
While the informal weddings get more and more popular lately with a lot of couples preferring to go for the laid-back casual ceremonies instead of the strict formal ones. As a rule, men are not required to dress according the specific dress code. Simply thrown on the plain or printed shirt with the ordinary khaki or cotton trousers complemented with the boat shoes.
Beach wedding
A lot of contemporary couples dream of getting married on the beach. Guests, in turn also like the beach weddings owing to the informal dress code. In fact, men can attend the beach wedding wearing nothing but the short-sleeved shirt along with khakis, jeans or even shorts.

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