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Everything You Need To Know About A Secret Wedding

A secret wedding for two
A secret wedding for two
Any human being is dreaming of having a beautiful and festive wedding ceremony – regardless of what he or she claims. However, there are times when we either can’t afford or don’t feel like throwing up a huge event with a hundred of guests, an orchestra and tables full of food. During such moments, all one needs is just a loving and caring hand of the beloved half. Yet, it is not so easy to escape from the rest of the world and make your dreams come true somewhere on an inhabited island. There are a million of circumstances and buts, and the major one has to do with lack of knowledge. This is an awareness building post, so in case you are planning something similar, welcome to the next 15 minutes of enlightment.

How To Plan a Secret Wedding

First and foremost, weigh all the pros and cons of a mystery wedding and discuss carefully with your other half. Make sure that this is a mutual decision and both of you feel comfortable enough with this top secret event. Also, keep in mind that this might be quite shocking for your families and friends, so be ready for a large portion of misunderstanding from their side. A lot of people will get surprised, while some – even offended. Don’t let this fact spoil your plans – after all, it is your big day and you have a right to celebrate it the way the two of you want. You can be sure that your closest people will understand you, as they respect your choice. As for the rest – do not worry either; you can always compensate it all with something more simple and casual. like a mug of beer or a movie.

Now that you completely made up your mind, it is time to start planning. The best thing is that this process is going to be 10 times as easy as it would be in a regular case. You do not have to design and print out tons of invitation cards or book a venue and choose the menu. There is also no need to come up with the entertainment show and worry about the waiters’ service. Flowers and other elements of decor as well as napkins and cloth tables will not pop up on your agenda – let other couples concentrate on that, while you are looking for the least inhabited place. And most importantly, you won’t have to tolerate all the 300 hundred of your relatives, friends, neighbors and strangers and pretend to be super happy in your uncomfortable gown and bothering heels. You won’t have to smile at the camera a million times per second or perform your first dance. There are many more things you won’t have to experience – which makes a secret reception more and more appealing.

Start with the venue. Where would you like your reception to take place? A cafe, grassy area in a garden or some lovely scenery up in the mountains – depending on what you prefer, there are a thousand of available options today. Just be sure that the the person in charge can make it and on time. Say, if you are going to throw up something very crazy, assure that it will fit into the whole scenario.

Next you ought to think of two persons who would accompany you. These people are very important, as sometimes it s required approval from your maid of honor and her colleague. These should be some of the closest person, whom you can trust 100% . Remember, you won’t want random people to find out about your wedding, so keep it as low as possible for now. Guide your closest people carefully and discuss all the details.

Also, you still need to think of the honeymoon. If your financial stance does not allow the two of you to visit Maldives isles, then there is no reason to get upset. You will definitely be able to travel to all the places you want, once you have a well-paid stable job with all kinds of benefits. So for now arrange something very down-to-earth yer cute and elegant, so that the overall impression only wins.

Now you are well aware of the key things to keep in mind when you are planning a secret wedding reception. Hopefully, this post was of a big use for you!


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