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Checklist of Things You Do Should After Wedding

couplenewlywedsIt is a big delusion to think that the wedding organization ends once the wedding day is over. In fact there is a raw of things you should handle after the wedding takes place or at least entrust them to your family members of friends. Come up with the after the wedding checklist before or after the big day and engage the close relatives or members of the bridal party to help you with the urgent wedding-related tasks that should be carried immediately.

After-Wedding Checklist

Wedding dress and tuxedo

Ensure to have someone picking up your wedding attire including the bridal accessories like the veil, jewellery and clutch from the place where you leave it once the wedding reception ends. Ask someone to take your bridal gown to the cleaning service, especially if you plan to leave for the honeymoon right after the wedding day. Ask the best man either take the tuxedo back to the rental store or take it to the cleaning service as well.


Wedding décor

Choose someone that will have to pick up all the decoration elements from your wedding reception such as the left wedding favors, flower arrangements and candles. Ask the vendor to give the top layer of your wedding cake to the close family member so that it could be frozen for you. Have the maid of honor take care of the bridal bouquet, which could become a perfect keepsake.



Come up with the complete checklist for your honeymoon. Wash the clothes you plan to take along and have it packed prior to the wedding day: this way you won’t forget anything. Make sure to have the luggage delivered to you by the time you are ready to leave for the honeymoon as well as the essentials like your passports, visas, tickets etc.


Thank you cards

The sooner you send out the thank you cards, the better impression you will leave. But don’t forget to update your address book beforehand. Ideally, you are supposed to mail the thank you cards within 3 months after your wedding day. By the way, the musicians, vendors and officiant could be also included on your mailing list.


Wedding vendors

The communication with the photographer, videographer, caterer and wedding planner doesn’t ends once the party is over, so appoint someone for handling the duties like picking up the CD with photos from the photographer. Don’t forget to hand this person all the bills, receipts and contracts. Inform your vendors about the contacting information of your delegate.


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