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Avoiding in Laws Wedding Conflicts

weddingIt is not the secret that in law relationships don’t always go smooth. In fact, often it is a bride’s nightmare, which should be avoided at any cost. In the wedding planning process it is very hard to please all of the sides without hurting somebody, so we bring you the few ways that will help you do it the best way.

Keep in mind that this is totally you day when are you supposed to be the happiest person. So, no matter how hard you try to make both sides happy, there will be always dissatisfied people. Thus don’t be afraid to tell when to step back.

How to avoid in laws wedding wars

Guest list
Discuss the guest list both with your parents and your fiancé’s parents from the very beginning. Let each side invite the equal number of guests. In case you parents want to invite 5 guests to your wedding, let your in-laws-to-be invite 5 people as well. Don’t let anyone take over the guest list otherwise you will lose the control of your wedding in general. In case you plan a small wedding, let everyone know about this fact and stay strong on your idea. Don’t give up by inviting more people that you initially planned.
Wedding gown
It would be a sign of politeness if you invite the female relatives from the both sides to the wedding dress shopping. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should fully base your final decision on everyone’s opinion. It is unlikely that your taste will match theirs. This gesture is more about bringing the members of the both sides together. It would be nice to go out for the dinner and drinks after the long day of shopping.
In case you future husband has one sister that you are close with make her a bridesmaid. This will not only please her, but also her mother, which won’t be an extra in your future relationship. If you are not that close with his sisters or if he has more than 3 sisters, then don’t feel obliged to make all of them your bridesmaids.
As a rule the groom’s side is responsible for the rehearsal dinner cost, while the bride’s side is responsible for the wedding ceremony and reception. This way the both families make their contribution to your wedding day. In order to avoid the in laws conflicts, have both of your families think about the ideas both for the rehearsal dinner and for the wedding day celebration. In case it just doesn’t work out, inform both of the parties that you will pay for everything yourself.
Head table
It is up to you and your fiancé to decide who will be seating next to you at the head table. Just like with the guest list, you have to show your strength when coming up with the final decision. In case you want the parents to seat at the head table, then have the parents from the both sides joining you.

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