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5 Tips for Perfect Wedding Dance

Remember the following scene from weddings? They announce the first dance. The bride and groom come to the dance floor – they look really embarrassed. And here the music starts, they lean on each other and start shuffling back and forth. They both feel very uncomfy, it’s obvious that their song seems endless to them and you, including many other guests have lost your interest interest in the first dance of bride and groom. Finally the music ends and the couple looks shy and they apparently have no idea how to go on. Is it a familiar scene?

If you are reading this post – our congratulations – you are getting married! And you want to avoid the described above scene, don’t you? How? Have a plan! Having a plan can be as fussy as memorizing tangled choreography, or as easy as a little practice. Your wedding dance is one of the first ‘joint ventures’ you make as spouses. It is not only a beautiful symbol of the love you share, but contains the key element of marriage: teamwork.

We have selected five tips to make a beautiful first dance you and your guests will remember forever.

Select your song carefully

Of course while choosing your song, you will want to pick a song that has meaning to you and your fiancée. But there are other things to take into consideration if you are planning on a special dance. First – is it actually a song you can dance to? Some beautiful songs were not really recorded for dancing at the most important event of your life. Typical dances used at weddings are Night Club Two-Step (for contemporary ballads), Swing, and Foxtrot (big band, Frank Sinatra,etc.). Turn to your dance instructor – he/she can help you select a song and a dance that go together. Second – how long is it? While you may love Stairway to Heaven, but it’s so long! Your guests will be bored and start talking between themselves long before its 8-minute length! Choose a shorter song, ask the DJ fade your song out before it’s over, or have the DJ cut you a shorter version to play for your dance. 2-3 minutes is very good!

Plan a start and a finish

Professionals call this an entrance and an exit. If you plan this it will be easier for you to dance during this spotlight moment. Ponder over how you will enter the dance floor. Will you walk on before or after the music starts? Will you meet in the middle? How will you end your dance… with a kiss? Plan how you will proceed the next activity.

Take lessons if possible

Even if you are good at dancing, a choreographed wedding dance is a new skill. Be sure to allow yourself time to feel comfortable with your dance steps. Most couples getting ready for a wedding need several private lessons, usually taken a week apart. Allow for this time, and time to practice. Take into consideration that as your wedding date approaches, you’ll be very busy with family and last minute arrangements. Practicing your dance will be hard to fit in. Start early by calling a dance instructor in advance.


Practice your new dance skills between your lessons. Take your chance to get used to working as a team. Learning something new can be stressful, though, especially under all the other pressures you may be feeling as you plan your wedding. So, as you practice, remember why you are choosing to share this dance. Remember how much you are in love, and have fun together! If possible, practice in the shoes you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. If you will be wearing a full skirt, practice while wearing the petticoat – you will get used to it and be more confident.

Let your team know

Make your DJ and photographer be aware of whta you are going to do! The DJ needs to know how you will enter and exit your dance so they can cue the music accordingly. If you have a special CD cut, bring more than one copy with you. Let the DJ to paly it on his equipment before the wedding to make sure it plays all right. Photographers are used to couples standing still and swaying in the middle of the floor. If you plan more than this, be sure they know so they can catch all the important moments of your dance.

Enjoy your wedding dance!


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