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3 Things To Know About Dyed Flowers

Dyed flowers can be useful in a wedding bouquet as well as floral arrangements. Eventough natural flowers come in abundance of colors and shades sometimes bride’s heart just says different. So here are a few things you should know before choosing dyed flowers.

Rainbow roses

Special Dyes

Flowers aren’t just dyed with whatever dye is available. They are dyed with a special floral dye or spray paint that is designed specifically not to have adverse effects on flowers.

Blue Dendrobium orchids on cakeThree Methods

There are three methods of dying flowers and they all consume different amount of time and work on different flowers. Some flowers can be simply put in a colored water and take in the color through the stem, others are dip-dyed, while the third group can be spray painted. It really depends on the flower and the extent to which you want to dye them. Both dip-dying and spray paint methods allow for more control over where and how the dye is distributed.

Florists Usually Don’t Recommend Them

Many florists wouldn’t recommend you using dyed flowers due to various reasons. Some don’t appreciate changing something that is naturally beautiful. Others worry that dye may reansfer onto clothes and ruin your wedding dress. While others simply think them tasteless and tacky.

Dendrobium orchids are intravenusouly tinted blue and might only leak color at the cut in the stem. But they are pretty popular and are used in everything from wedding bouquets to boutonnieres to cake decoration. The important thing is that they are available year round.

Choosing dyed flowers has to be up to you and your taste but before doing it consider some alternatives. There are many naturally beautiful flowers in bordeaux, blue, purple and other flowers in a color you need.


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