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6 Hottest Engagement Ring Styles for 2012

Just like the world of the fashion is changing, the trends on the engagement rings are also changeable. So, let’s take a look at the latest engagement ring designs started from the colored stones to the twisted bands.

Sure, the classic solitaires is a sure way to please your beloved one, but if you want to step out of the borders and amaze her with the unusual design, opt for one of the presented below rings.

Trends on engagement rings for 2012

Colorful gems
Women with the unique taste in clothing and the distinctive way of life will be probably happy to receive a colored engagement ring. You have the plenty of choices in almost any possible colors starting from the beryl, sapphires and rubies.

Center piece surrounded by diamonds
Diamond encircled by many small ones became the real hit among the contemporary brides. The extra diamond not only able to add additional sparkles and shine, but also augment the real size of the solitaire and create the illusion of the larger center stone. Isn’t it what all the brides are looking for?

Raised ring setting
There is lately a tendency for the designers to raise the bar of the ring setting by giving the feel of loftiness and the exquisite elegance to the ring. The delicately draped bow or a precision-cut mold really able to make the center stone the focus of attention.

Twisted band
In the search for the unusual shapes, designers decided to add some piquancy to the engagement rings by creating the solitaires with twisted bands: from swirling diamond bands to the more subdued metal twist.

Vintage-inspired ring
Heirloom style is out of the time. The tradition of pass the jewellery from one generation to another still exists, moreover it is getting more and more actual these days.

Eco-friendly rings
Following the latest tendency of being eco-friendly, designers propose decorating your ring finger with the conflict-free diamonds and recycled gold settings.

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