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How to Save on Wedding Catering

Shocked with the catering cost? Well, you are not alone. As you already know, majority of couples tend to spend more than 50% of their wedding budget on this expense item. But it is impossible to avoid this cost since your guests won’t appreciate the fact of being served with bread and water.
We prepared the list of useful tips on saving on your wedding catering.

So, with our useful tips the savvy brides will be able to dine their guests with the original meals without spending much on the wedding catering.

How to save on wedding catering

Avoid courses
The habitual five course meal is not only costly, but also boring. Why not to do it differently by serving the three course meal. Avoiding the soup, salad or additional desert will be definitely left unnoticed by your guests and will allow you save the significant sum.
Set the appetizer tables
Consider setting the appetizer tables and don’t be afraid that this will shout about the “low budget”. But try to use the creative approach in serving the appetizer tables and keep in mind that even the vegetable try be presented in the chic way. Guests in turn will love the opportunity to choose freely.
Casual reception
As a rule, the most stylish wedding celebrations are not necessarily the black tie. Lately brides tend to lean toward more casual celebration and laid back atmosphere. So, consider having the informal barbeque or the Mexican fiesta.
Non-dinner reception
Dinner is probably the most costly meal. So, you might save on serving the brunch, lunch or even a desert instead. Vivify the original affair by introducing the creative elements and creative invitations and I am sure your guests will appreciate taking part in the unusual affair, while your wedding budget won’t suffer that much.
Cocktail reception
Consider having the cocktail and appetizer reception. As this type of reception usually lasts for two hours, besides saving on the catering, you will be able to save on such things as location, staff and rental fees.


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