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How To Arrange A Pool Wedding

Wedding reception at a pool
Wedding reception at a pool
If you are looking for an engaging and creative way to hold a wedding reception, there are a lot of ways to do so. One of them is to hold a ceremony at the pool. While it does mot necessarily have to be a classic pool event, you can always find different ways to make it very fun and memorable. Below are some examples to give you an idea of how a swimming pool reception can be held.

5 Ways to Arrange a Pool Reception

One way to throw up a very memorable and fun pool party is to simply arrange the tables around the pool. This way your guests will have a view of still blue surface and opportunity to get their feet into water from time to time.You can decorate your tables and the area around the pool in any possible way you want: flowers, balloons, heart-shaped ornaments or colorful ribbons – as long as you feel comfortable with it. One thing you need to take care of though is the slippery floor along the perimeter – you definitely do not want any of the attendees or yourself fall into the pool.

If you do not feel comfortable with a huge swimming pool that has a very sharp smell of chlorine, you can opt for a different version of a water basin. One cool way to have a very lovely and absolutely safe wedding ceremony is to choose a location featuring a small fountain-like pool. You will still have the beautiful view, sound of moving water (if you are lucky enough to find one with a fake waterfall) and appraisal by your guests. Besides, it is much easier to decorate such a mini pool, as you won’t have to worry about people accidentally knocking off the elements of décor into the water.

If you are a party person, then you should arrange your reception at the open-air place with a big pool. You don’t have to locate tables around the pool itself; as long as there is one around, things will work out in a perfect way. I have no doubt that all your guests will evaluate your creativity in a very high manner, as who does not love to have pool parties?

In case you and your beloved one are huge fans of nature and all the things related to it, then there is a wonderful opportunity for you as well. Why to go for a cliché restaurant in the city, when you can hold your reception in the countryside? The best thing about it is that you can enjoy the fresh air as well as calm and relaxed atmosphere. And recreation areas of this kind almost always offer a nice pool (or even a couple).

If you think that a wedding reception at the pool is great only during the summer time, you are very wrong. It is very much possible to arrange such an event with low temperatures as well. For that you will have to find a nice place with a cosy pool inside; I doubt that people would dare to swim, but at least you will have a unique and creative setting.

These were some ideas on how you can arrange a wedding reception at the pool. Depending on your preferences (and budget, of course) you can go for any of these options. Which one do you find the most appealing one?

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