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Edible Centerpiece Ideas

Edible wedding centerpieces are the perfect way to save your wedding budget since they carry two functions: decorative and treating. Believe me, your gourmet guests will love this idea, which is mostly suitable for the family-style dinners. Find out how to incorporate the edible centerpieces into your wedding décor with our great ideas.

Ideas of edible wedding centerpieces

Little wedding cakes
Step aside from the traditional cake table by using the small wedding cakes with the neat decorations as the centerpieces. You can easily order to beautiful centerpiece cakes in the bakeries, which would look original and sweet placed on the decorative cake stands. You may make them even more appealing by placing the cake toppers on each of them. Make sure to have the servers slice the cakes before the guests arrive.
Cupcake tiers
Cupcake tiers are the hottest trend during the last years, which quickly replaced the habitual wedding cake. It would be nice using the smaller versions of cupcake tiers as centerpieces. Besides the easiness of serving, this allows to avoid the cutting fees. You may decorate them using the fresh flowers or garlands.
Nowadays there are no strictly established rules in the wedding industry, so why not to serve the cheesecakes or pies if you want to? If you want to customize your wedding and add the personal touch to it, consider having the individual pies or cheesecakes in the “roles” of cupcakes.
Fruit bouquets
The fruit bouquets look amazing and involve two functions: centerpieces and hors d’ouerves. Only don’t forget to ask your guests to eat them. Fruit bouquets is the perfect way to decorate the outdoor summer receptions in the casual style.
Cheese and crackers
Cheese and crackers are considered to be the typical wedding hors d’ouerves. So why not to serve it in the decorative way? Placed on decorative stands or dishes, they can become the truly original and beautiful centerpieces.


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