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Dollar Dance Tips

Bridesmaid with Cash
The wedding days are always accompanied with the unforeseen situations: even if everything went smoothly during the ceremony, the reception could be completely screwed up. There could be such problems as not enough food, the drunk unkle, the melting ice sculpture etc. One thing that is under the question as well: whether you should have the dollar dance or not. In fact it is an old tradition, which allows you to spend some memorable moments with your guests.
Read on to figure how to arrange a dollar dance at your wedding celebration.

How to Have a Dollar Dance at Your Wedding Reception

Ask your fiancé whether he is willing to have the dollar dance at the wedding. If the answer is yes, then include it in your wedding reception program. Keep in mind that since you are supposed to dance with the relatives and friends, don’t try to force those people who feel uncomfortable with that.

Bride and Groom Dancing Dollar Dance

Tell you DJ that you plan to have a dollar dance. If he is experienced enough, he will be able to guide you and find the best moment for announcing the dollar dance. Usually it takes place after the bouquet and garter toss.

Pick the melodies you want to accompany you during the dance. You could opt for songs like “Friend”, “That’s What Friends are For”, “You’ve got a Friend in Me” etc.

Bride Dancing Dollar Dance

Ask the DJ to announce the dollar dance and have the volunteers line up behind the best man and maid of honor, who carry the roles of the gatekeepers. Guests divide into two groups to dance either with the bride or groom. The cost per dance starts from $1.

Interchange the dance each 30 seconds, so the gatekeepers are the ones that monitor it. The dollar dance allows the bride and groom spending the precious moments with the guests.

Bride with Friend Dancing Dollar Dance

These 30 seconds is enough for the light conversation and exchange of niceties. During the dollar dance you could ask your dance partner whether they liked the cake and had a fun time. Don’t forget to thank them for coming.

Conclude the event as the line decreases. Ask the DJ to announce the very last dance of the couple. At the end the bride and groom get to dance together, which could be followed with an energetic song to vivify the party.

Bride Hugging Bridesmaid

Try to be nice with every guest who is willing to pay for the dance with you including the old men, kids and even your ex- boyfriends.

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