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Creative Wedding Reception: Tribute To Ancient History

Wedding reception in the Ancient Greek style
Wedding reception in the Ancient Greek style
People have been trying to invent a time machine for years by now. No matter how much effort and creativity they apply, no one has succeeded so far. No wonder – the humanity has not found a way yet to overcomes the nature; and this is the way it should be. We are not in need of those inventions and discoveries that can undermine the world and life order, are we? However, there are times when we feel a desire to get a glimpse of the past experiences and adventures. Of course, we can always watch a historical movie or read a book. Yet, it would be a whole lot different impression and feeling if get t undergo through the history by ourselves. There is one way to do so and combine such an exciting trip to the past with the most important day in your life. Have you ever though of arranging you wedding reception in a creative and unique way? Here is a gorgeous idea for you to take into consideration: throw up an event styled in the best traditions of the ancient world!

Style Your Wedding Reception In The Mood of Ancient Rome, Greece or Egypt

The ancient civilizations have been attracting archaeologists, scholars and just regular people for centuries. There is nothing surprising in it: just imagine what it is like walking in the area that once used to serve as a gladiators’ arena or tomb of a pharaoh. I bet, no one would mind adding such an experience to their life stories. Well, you have a chance to do something as well, with the only exception though: your trip to the past will be orchestrated and well performed.

First of all you ought to choose between the three civilizations: opt for the one that seems to be the most fascinating and amazing to you. If you feel like styling your wedding in the mood of Ancient Greece, then you will need a beautiful restaurant hall with colossal marble columns. It does not have to be inside though – here it depends on the time of the year that you are planning to have your wedding at. In any case, make sure that your venue has a lot of floral decorations, preferably – long and tangled vines. Provide enough wine for your guests, platefuls of olives and cheese and decent orchestra. You can also spread small (or large) statues of the Greek gods and goddesses, or else have a theater troop wear costumes and act. As for you – there are different kinds of a Greek-styled dress available today, so feel free to opt for any of them. It might more a bit more difficult to find a proper tunic for your beloved one, but nothing is impossible.

If Ancient Rome is what you choose, then the procedures will be very identical. You can come up with some awesome and super creative decorations that will create an image of a Colosseum. The tables can be placed in the round shape with yours in the very middle. In terms of the outfits – you are free to wear any light and delicate evening gown in pastels that you wish. The groom will have a chance to sport a gladiator’s costume – which, I am sure, will be lots of fun. You can also order a yummy layered cake with a miniature of the Roman architecture on the very top.

Lastly, in case you happen to be huge fans of Ancient Egypt, then be ready for the extensive body make up and lots of gold. Your beloved one will have to dress up as a pharaoh – let it not scare any of you, since there is always an opportunity to change into a regular outfit. You are more lucky in terms of outing, as you are, once again, free to wear any evening gown in white. The only rule here is that it has to feature enough of the gold embellishment, which, be the way, is to match your extensive jewelry and headwear. And do not forget about you make-up – try to resemble Cleopatra as much as you can and you will get the best Egyptian look ever. As for the decorations, again – you need a lot of gold around you. Statues of Egyptian pharaohs and pyramids will also make an excellent match for such a wedding.

These were some tips on how to throw up a wedding reception styled in the mood of the Ancient civilizations. This list is certainly not exhaustive and you can easily add a couple more.

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