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Circus Inspired Wedding Reception

Wedding reception inspired by circus
Wedding reception inspired by circus
We all tend to be in love with the fascinating and cheerful atmosphere of a circus. I remember myself flying high up in the sky every time I was taken to the enchanting and mysterious show. Every single second of my childhood experience was filled up with joy, laughter and curiosity. I can’t count how many times I have imagined myself repeating the incredible and impossible tricks performed by the artists or acting out the hilarious jokes of the funny clowns. I bet, every single person has gone through the same set of emotions as I did. No matter whether you are an adult or a child, circus is a place where all wishes become real and dreams come true. This is one of the reasons I find it to be similar to a wedding ceremony. The same amount of magic and smiles is present in the air and the same feeling of childish happiness fills up everyone’s mind. Have you ever thought of styling your wedding reception in a circus theme? If no, read on to find out the awesome ways to do so!

How To Arrange A Circus Inspired Wedding

First of all, you need to come up with a place for your wedding ceremony. If you are planning to hold your marriage during the warm months, then it will be quite easy to decide upon the venue. You can easily go for a tent pavilion styled in red and white colors. The inside of the tent has to resemble a circus arena in the best way possible; so it makes sense to closely study the interior of circus and consult the decorating companies. In case, your wedding ceremony is going ti be held during the freezing temperatures, you have to go for a regular restaurant hall, but decorate it accordingly.

Next, it is important to think of the outfits: both yours and those of your guests. The most fun thing to do would be to request everyone to show up in a circus styled costume, be it an illusionist, clown or an acrobat. However, this might be rather complicated due to several reasons. First, your guests may find it hard and way effortful to bother with the costume search. Second, if you are having a large amount of attendees, there is always a chance that someone will not manage to get dressed up. Therefore, it is more reasonable to provide your honorable guests with an opportunity to try on the role of a circus artist by preparing a set of special outfits and a photo booth. As for yourself and your beloved one, it would be awesome if you manage to style your outfits accordingly with your reception theme. 

What kind of wedding is it, if there is not enough entertainment? And this is the rare case when you won’t have to worry about the bands or artists to invite – everything is already decided for you. Make sure that you contact a decent circus band and let yourself as well as the guests of your wedding ceremony enjoy the beautiful and impressive performance of the magicians. I am sure that such a show will stay in everyone’s memory for quite a long time.

The design of your cake can match that one of your circus pavilion, or else it can feature animals normally performing within the show programme and any other circus elements. You can opt for either a classic multi-story piece or something more unique and creative. Also, make sure that the rest of the reception attributes match the chosen style as well. Here I am talking about napkins, utensils, tablecloths, drinking straws and everything else that is relevant.

Such a reception is likely to turn out a huge success and stay in your memory forever. Even if you do not feel like dressing up like a clown, your guests will forgive you this choice, as you and your other half are the key characters of this performance. In order to record as many smiles and adorable moments as possible, do not forget about a highly qualified photographer who will capture the best emotions and seconds in your life. Also, as it is circus that we are talking about, you can generously allow the attendees of your reception bring their beloved pets and this way share the fun time with all the living creatures – regardless of whether it is a human being or an animal.


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