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Christmas Wedding: Double Celebration

Christmas wedding celebration
Christmas wedding celebration
There is a way to combine two adorable dates and arrange the most exciting and memorable holiday ever. If you love big celebrations and tons of positive emotions, then this is something worthy to think of. A wedding reception which is held on a Christmas day will by all means make the two of you a blessed and happy couple. Besides, there is a double incentive to gather all relatives and friends in one location – just imagine how grateful people will be for such a reunion. Plus, you won’t have to bother with a million ways to decorate the venue – everything is already decided for you. Scroll down and get a more comprehensive insight into the preparation process of such an event!

How To Arrange A Christmas Wedding Reception

As was mentioned above, you won’t have any problems with the interior design. Once you decide upon the venue of your wedding ceremony, things will go smoothly and fast. All you need to get is a bunch of colorful garlands, plenty of candles, traditional mistletoe and a grandiose Christmas tree with the most beautiful ornaments. Also, make sure that the rest of the attributes are styled accordingly: there is no point in going for delicate pink flowers decorating each table or violet napkins and ribbons. Stick to the Christmas style and you won’t even notice how fast the preparation process will fly.

Now it is time to think of the most important part of any wedding reception – your outfits. Whereas it makes no sense to opt for a gown in green or any other related color, you can still bring a Christmas touch into your look. This can be done with the help of various accessories that feature a Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas tree or anything else that reminds of the big celebration. There is also a way to stick your wedding bouquet to the holiday. If you are up to creative and cool ideas, then an evergreen bouquet with white roses, myriad of red pearls and a matching ribbon will make your mouth water. In case you would like to go for something more conventional, a beautiful composition of red roses embellished with white pearl stones and red leaves will be the best option. There is also a great way to style your beloved one’s suit accordingly: the boutonniere can also feature Christmas shades.

When it comes to the looks of guests, one has a wide range of options to choose among. You can either be quite kind and let your friends and relatives themselves decide upon the outfits or provide detailed ans strict instructions in the invitation cards. Just because it is also a Christmas party, does not necessarily mean that your guests can only come dressed up as a Santa or any of his handy helpers. The reception can still be styled in any way you want. Speaking of the Christmas inspired costumes – here you can invite a show band that will bring in the holiday spirit; make sure that the attendees will have an opportunity to get a picture with the artists.

Since it is Christmas that we are talking about, make sure that you have lots of delicious food and drinks. It can be a traditional holiday feast or a completely different menu – it all depends on the theme of your reception. Anyway, I am pretty sure that you will need an extensive amount of champagne bottles in both cases. Also, it is worth of designing your wedding cake in a Christmas theme – you can go for the three-story cake that is shaped as a gift box or else for the four-layered piece in white cream featuring Christmas ornaments on the sides along with a Santa statuette on the top.

Do not forget about the entertainment part of your reception. Having a rich feast and interacting with other guests is by all means engaging and cool; yet, there should be some sort of additional fun that will keep the attendees of your ceremony smile and laugh. All sorts of music and dance bands as well as comedians and illusionists will do good. If you are planning to engage the guests into any contests or competitions, make sure that you provide enough prizes for the winners. In fact, you will need small gifts for all of the invited people – after all, this is the most magic holiday.

These were the key points to take into account if you are planning to hold your wedding ceremony on Christmas. Below is a collection of images to give you a clearer picture.

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