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Afternoon Tea Wedding Reception Ideas For Summer

Afternoon tea wedding

Summer is a great wedding season. There’s lots of seasonal fruit and berries as well as flowers. You can wear any style and allow a lighter, more casual guest dress code. People are more likely to drink and often prefer lighter meals. The positives just keep coming. The only problem may be the heat for both guests and quickly perishable foods but if you time your reception right and take care of the setting, it may just not be a problem after all.

One of the greatest ideas for a summer reception is the afternoon tea if you don’t want any heavy meals and lots of alcohol flowing in the heat. You can give the tea part a nice cooling twist with some herbs and ice and serve appetizing hors d’oeuvres along with the cake.

You’ll be forgiven to forgo alcohol altogether or you can simply offer champagne or wine. You can also cut spending on food by preparing your own appetizers and baking your own sweets supplementing the table with fresh fruit slices, berries in chocolate or whipped cream, and some fresh bread and cheese for the wine lovers. You don’t have to serve only sweets with the tea. Though your guests would like come after lunch many would appreciate a hearty snack before digging into the cake after the ceremony and whatever else on your program.

Mixing up your menu will definitely satisfy most guests and if you’ll take on the task to DIY, you’ll still manage to save a lot.

An afternoon tea doesn’t require dancing but you could invite a band or simply play your favorite music on iPod on background. Another great part of the afternoon tea logistics is that you don’t have to rent furniture, you can throw it in your backyard with a buffet table of snacks and sweets and have guests mingle while sitting on the grass. That would definitely make for a perfect afternoon.


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