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3 Original Ideas of Fall Wedding Decor

fall-wedding-decorI do really love the fall weddings for the numerous reasons. First, you can benefit from the welcoming weather that is not too hot or too cold.

Moreover, fall is probably the most appeasing time of the year and thus will perfectly suit the calm wedding celebration with a sensual and romantic feel. Besides, fall is a beautiful season and you can easily find the wedding theme inspiration from Mother Nature.

Remember that in fall you can always use the common things in the uncommon way in order to originally decorate your wedding reception. All you need to do is open your door and get the inspiration from looking around. Believe me you will be surprised with the numerous ideas that will come to your mind.

I want to present the 3 ideas of original fall wedding decorations that won’t ruin your wedding budget.

Original ideas of fall wedding decor

Fruit compositions
It might not sound truly romantic, but using the fruit compositions as the wedding reception décor can add the bold and beautiful touch. Just imagine the fruit bowls made from the transparent glass filled with the green and red apples.
The table compositions with fruits are the sophisticated and elegant option of reception decorating just like fall. If you plan to have the wedding reception with the country feel, use the dried apples as decorative garlands, which could also serve as the favors and snacks.
Décor elements
Pumpkins could be incorporated in your wedding décor as well as apples. For instance, you may use the small pumpkins as the original placeholders. Besides, combined with pinecones, they can become the awesome aisle decorating elements with rural feel.
Pumpkins’ color perfectly reflects the main colors of the season and thus they can complement any fall-inspired wedding interior. Simply combine them with warm shades of browns or create the bold palette by blending them with pastels like orange or muted green.
As I said above, the combination of pinecones and pumpkins will create the perfect wedding aisle decorating elements, but pinecones alone could be also nice décor elements. For example, consider having the trees with the pinecones hanging from them, which are tied by the chic ribbon. In case you want to add the personal touch to the wedding décor, simply paint the pinecones in the wedding theme colors.

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