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How to Choose Maid of Honor

I would suggest choosing your best friend to stand by your side down the aisle during the wedding ceremony and provide with the essential support through the wedding planning process. The candidate for the maid of honor role should be ready for carrying some important duties and be close with the bride in order to make her big day perfect.

So, even though you have got plenty of friends from college, school and work that can pretend on this role, I still suggest you to go for your best friend with whom you have been through a lot. In case you still cannot pick the ideal candidate for the maid of honor role, we are here to help you.

How to choose the maid of honor

History ties

I believe that the maid of honor should be the person with whom you have overcome both good and bad times. This should be someone you have the history ties with and who has been with you during your ups and downs.

Maid-of-honorYour potential maid of honor has to know you and your personal developing over the course of the years. An ideal way is asking your high school or college friend being your maid of honor or someone who have presented in your life for a long time.
Maid-of-honorCurrent connection
Sure, having the common history with the maid of honor is important, but it is not as important as the current connection since you don’t want to have by your side the person you haven’t seen for a while.

Maid-of-honorIt is ok not to meet in person but still talk via phone or Skype on regular basis in case you live far from each. But if you haven’t been talking for more than half a year, than you should probably consider another person. The best thing is to find someone that you have the strong ties with and the regular connection.

Every one of us has folleys, especially in stressful situations like wedding. There is almost no way you can avoid it either during the wedding planning process or on the wedding day itself. So, you would better have in the maid of honor role someone, who understands you and feels when you need help and support or when you need to stay along without the words.Maid-of-honorThe worst thing is having the maid of honor that should be taken care of and instead of relying on her. All you will do is making sure she doesn’t get upset or frustrated by your actions. Chose someone that will pay attention to your needs on the first place.

maid-of-honorShe will have your back
Maid of honor performs many roles such as a friend, confidant, assistant, psychologist, but her key responsibility is being someone you can trust to and lean on at the moments you feel overwhelmed. So, when making the final decision on the maid of honor candidate, make sure to choose someone who will have your back and will support you over the course of your wedding preparation process and wedding day.Maid-of-honor



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