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Top 5 Creative Invitation Cards

Wedding requires a lot of preparation. Regardless of how many guests you are planning to invite, be sure that the whole process will take a lot of efforts from your side. I am pretty sure you have already foreseen that, so this should be of no surprise to you. What you need to do though is to draft some sort of a plan in order to simplify your life. And the very first thing I would recommend you to do is to work on your invitation cards. Not that you have to make them yourself – you just need to outline a design to further pass it on to a respective agency. And while your cards are being processed, you can get busy with other staff. Below are some creative ideas for you to get inspired. Check out the five wedding cards and choose the one you would like your guests to receive.

5 Awesome Wedding Invitation Cards to Inspire You

Nature-related pieces sound very cool and unique. While people usually opt for some colored flowers, doves or lots of pink hearts, you can show off all your creativity. If you opt for a card like the one above, you can be sure that all the people who get it will be very much intrigued by the upcoming event. And of course, they will do their best to attend the ceremony itself. So you will avoid all the undesirable and cliche excuses. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to keep a tree ring card somewhere in a box, so that later you can show it to your children? The various sectors along the edge of the circle will let your guests know where the location is or when they are to come.

Next option will speak to those of you who prefer simple designs and patterns. Why to worry about a card in the first place, if people will get rid of it once the event is passed? If you belong to this category of individuals, feel free to choose something like this. A collection of cards in different sizes and in a black and white pattern will definitely do it, as long as you don’t have a mission to impress your relatives and friends. Just make sure it has your names as well as the location and the date of your big day.

Those of you who advocate to save our planet and thus try to reduce the consumption of paper, cheer up! There is something for you as well. Instead of layering the paper sheets, as was suggested above, you can simply go for a single piece invitation card and make your donation to the Save-Earth fund. However, you can come up with a fun adornment, featuring some lovely and cute pictures. It does not have to contain a lot of information either – as long as you have some general data, it will work.

Another way to style your card is to go for refreshing and bright shades. Moreover, such a piece has to feature a 3-D design. Be it a pair of hands with an engagement ring sparkling and striking, or another symbol of eternal and true love – just assure that the person in charge of your cards comprehends your ideas in a proper way. Otherwise, you are at risk of fixing the pieces yourself – which you definitely don’t want to happen.

And last but not least, why not to design your card as some vintage-styled package? There are different kinds of paper available today, so finding the one that will match your preferences should not be a big deal. On the example above you will see a harder pad with probably some details about the event (and you can even add a map, so that your guests don’t lose their way). Also, there is an envelope which features several colors and textures and then the letter itself. If I had my wedding taking place in the nearest future, I would by all means opt for this one.

Hopefully, these examples were helpful enough to give you an idea of what a creative and unique wedding invitation card should look like.

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