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How to Stuff Wedding Invitations

In fact, the wedding invitations say significantly more than simple stating the time and place of your wedding celebration: they also communicate the overall wedding tone and theme. So it is essential to stuff your wedding invites the proper way in case you want to convey the feel of elegance and heritage. Believe me, your guests will definitely value the time and effort you put into the wedding invitations creation.

Tips on Stuffing Wedding Invitations

Put your invitations on the table with the face side and then place the tissue paper on the invitation’s text. This will prevent the ink from smudging on its way from the printer to the client. As the time passed, it became a good old tradition to use the tissues when invitations mailing.


Place the largest enclosure over the tissue paper with the text facing up or on the top of the invitation in case you want to avoid the tissue paper. Set the second largest enclosure on the top of that one. Carry on placing the enclosures from the largest to smallest. Keep in mind that the text of all materials should be directed in the same way. When assembling it, put the response card under the envelope flap before you put it in the right order on the pile of enclosures.

Put this set of invitation materials into the internal envelope with the wording face directed to the back of the envelope.


Put the inner unsealed envelope into the external one with the flap of the first one facing away from you, in the direction of the front of the external envelope.

Tips on stuffing wedding invitations

Make sure to include the postage on the embedded response card envelopes.

Remember to send out your wedding invitations from four to six weeks week prior the wedding day.


Since the enclosures and additional envelopes take a lot of weight and space, you may avoid it by taking them to the local post office and having them weighted to figure the exact amount of postage.

Take into consideration that there are certain customs to stick to when addressing the wedding invitations.


Keep in mind that there are special instruction and traditions on folding and positioning the wedding invites.

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