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Wedding Colors for Each Season

wedding-winterWhen the bride starts imagining her ideal wedding day, the first thing that comes to her mind is the wedding colors and overall décor. The key of the ideal color combination is in picking the right colors that will suit both the season of the year and the wedding location. This way your wedding will really stand out since there is nothing no better options then the rich shades of orange and red at the fall wedding or the snow white and blue hues against the winter backdrop. If you manage to go for the right color combination, you will make your magic truly unique and unforgettable.

Wedding colors for each season

Spring wedding require the pastel shades with the soft feel. You have got the plenty of options to choose from starting from the pastel pink, lemon yellow, mint green, pale blue and turquoise.
You have got two options for your summer wedding colors. The first one is going for the hues in the warm gamma that evoke the associations with the tropical fields and will add the refreshing vibe to your summer wedding. These colors include the bold orange, dark purple, coral, bright red, hot pink and gold. The second option is the cool colors like the bright blue, white, lavender, silver and tropical green.
Fall is the period of the cropping, so it would be nice to go for the bold hues that look and feel natural. Consider combining two or three of the following hues: yellow, dark green, earthy brown, pumpkin orange, bold purple, gold, maroon and olive green.
If you plan having the winter wedding, consider featuring the hues of the winter teamed with the elegant silver. The cold colors like crispy white, icy blue, winter green and ivory will work ideal with the silver, gold or copper.
Colors of the destination wedding
In case you plan the destination wedding at the beach in the tropical place during the winter season, it would be nice to go for the warm summer hues to suit the location.


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