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Watercolor Wedding Ideas

Watercolor wedding can be fun and exciting if you’re looking for something non traditional and unusual in terms decor, the wedding dress, and even food. It is a geart color theme because most colors can be used and you don’t have to fret of pristine whites whether they are too dirty or too boring.

Watercolor wedding

With watercolor wedding theme everything will be colorful and lively. The invitations look amazing and are easy to DIY. You can also choose any dress instead of a traditional one and probably save on it too.

The decorations can also be handmade with help of some dye and plain cloth. The seasonal flowers can be used to complement the colors you choose for the tablecloth and your dress. You can use them as bright accents in case you opt for a pastel watercolor theme.

The watercolor wedding cake will definitely make an impression and become a decoration of its own.Watercolor wedding cake

You can also dye your hair into a pastel color of choice or go for a rainbow of colors while the groom doesn’t have to wear a classic black tux opting for a colorful or printed one instead or wearing something more relaxed.

A watercolor wedding theme is great fun in terms of decoration for everybody. Your bridesmaids can wear something more informal and colorful while your guests could be asked to wear something colorful to match the theme.

It’s easy to choose flowers for the bouquet and arrangements. It can be formal roses or less formal peonies and chamomiles. It’s all about the colors and how you use them.

With the liberty of using any color you want it’s quite easy to overdo it so be sure to either go pastel or not mix too many colors together as not to make the decor, the dress, and the floral arangements into a colorful mess.


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