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Unconventional Wedding Bouquet Shapes

Unusual wedding bouquets aren’t hard to come by as most of custom complex arrangements are unique. But all in all they all look distinctly similar. If you want to stand out, however, there are a few ideas you can show your florist and work together to create something that you will forever remember.


Tulip bouquet

Bouquets come in different shapes and sizes. The differences can be subtle or very noticeable. For instance, some bouquets can be arranged in big dramatic cascades while others in smaller subtler ones. But if you really want a unique arrangement heart is a way to go.


Wreath doesn’t have to sit on your head. You can simply carry it as a bouquet. Not very practical but unique and unusual. But you can ask your florist to make it fit your head and wear it like a wreath whenever you feel tired of carrying it in your hands.


We’re not sure about this trend. It can definitely look quirky and whimsical but is it really worth it the expense? It can be quite convenient to carry such a bouquet on your arm but if it;s made in a shape of a clutch then it might become even more cumbersome to carry it around.

Flower Ball

Flower ball

Flower balls are a often used in venue decoration but they can also be used as a wedding bouquet. It’s a bit more whimsical than a regular bouquet but isn’t so elaborate as afloral  handbag or clutch.

Other bouquet shapes are more abstract and can only be varied in terms of stem length and size. Something more elaborate will also be more expensive so expect to splurge on a heart or bag-shaped bouquet. The flower ball you can practice and probably make yourself.

Unusual Wedding Bouquets


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