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Top 10 Tips on Wedding Planning

Finally you got engaged!!! What a wonderful occasion. From now long all that would bother you is the wedding preparation cares, which include the bunch of endless ideas and wedding theme options for your wedding day. Besides, everybody would ask you a lot of questions concerning the wedding preparation during this period starting from the family members, friends, groom to the wedding vendors.

Keep in mind that in most times you won’t know the answers. So, in order to keep everything organized and have everything prepared in time for the wedding day, you need to come up with a well thought-out wedding plan.

The widely known principle “time is money” is best suitable for the wedding day too, all you need is replace the world money with happiness. Sure, wedding planning is an enjoyable thing, but at the same time it can produce a lot of stress unless you do everything in time. You should keep in mind that there are a lot of tasks that are usually left behind the scenes and you need to have people that are not only creative, but also business savvy.

I would suggest you to have two different types of timelines in order to set everything well. Once you start following them, you will immediately find that your day comes together. One of them is a monthly timeline that shows the tasks you need to implement each month such as nails done, selecting the place for venue, choosing the wedding dress etc.

The second timeline is more detailed one since it includes all the tasks you need to do on your wedding day by hour or even half an hour. In this timeline it is reflected the time of the rehearsal, time of your makeup session, time of the dinner service…and whole bunch of other things.


Believe me, the worst thing is having your guests looking at the clock on the wall because of being bored with poorly organized wedding day. You are risking to have the protracted dinner or the cake arriving too late and in order to avoid all of those incidents, all you need is having a plan. This way you will have only positive emotions related to your big day. Your are the one who is responsible for the detailed timeline. We came up with top ten tips that will help you to make up the timeline that will keep you organized throughout the entire process.

Top ten tips on wedding planning


Make up the wedding list of tasks. It is easier to do once you decide to hire the wedding planner- usually they are the ones who create the one especially for you, but you can do it yourself as well. There are plenty of timeliness available online and in wedding magazines.

Be active. Immediately start with performing the major tasks. For instance, you may book a venue a year before the actual wedding day in case it is a highly-demanded place. Don’t leave tasks performing to the very last minute.
Delegate the tasks. Don’t refuse extra help. It is physically and emotionally hard to handle all those numerous duties so don’t fee shy to ask for help.

Stay reasonable. While coming up with the timeline, it is natural that you won’t fit all the duties into one day. Consider the hitches that can place during the big day, especially if you have to move from one place to another. Believe me, giving yourself additional half an hour for the unforeseen delays will save you from a lot of stress.

Hire vendors with a good reputation.
Pay attention to references when selecting the vendors. Moreover, people’s personality is also an important factor. Usually the high quality equals to high price. Vendors are the ones, who put together the entire day, so don’t underestimate their importance.

Communicate. People, in most parts, are not the clairvoyants and thus they won’t be able to read your thoughts. It is important to build the good communication ties and notify your family members, friends and vendors about changes within two days.
Be well organized. Make a folder in your email, which will include all the incoming and outgoing correspondence concerning your wedding. Another folder may include all the necessary contacts such as vendors’ contacts, invoices, schedules, detailed budget and other types of things.

Check out vendors’ working hours.
By the moment you became clear with all the vendors, review the amount of coverage hours they will dedicate to your wedding. You may decide to either prolong or cut down their working hours and it is important to do the changes as early as possible.
Putting together the timeline. In case you don’t have the wedding planner, you may easily create the timeline on your computer. Deciding on the time of start of each duty is essential. Once you are certain about the ceremony start time, time of the cocktail and reception end hour, you may put together other tasks based on that. The vendors’ arrival will be also set based on that. The timeline should be sent to the vendors minimum a week before the wedding date.

Employ the wedding planner. The wedding planner is probably the best you can do for yourself and your fiancé. The wedding planner will significantly simplify your wedding planning process. He will recommend you a wide range of services that will suit your date, budget and taste. It could be either the service of full coverage or only the month of coordinating. And believe me, the wedding planning period will leave nothing but the fun memories in your heart since you will know that you can rely on the true professional.


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