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Striking Save The Date Ideas

By the moment you and your partner decide on the date of your wedding and are ready to share the good news with others, it is time to send out the Save the Date” since it is a bit early for the official invitations. In general the “Save the Dates” carry the lighter meaning comparing to the wedding invites, so you are free to opt for the wildest ideas that represent your couple or meet the theme of your destination wedding. We introduce you the 10 striking save the date ideas for inspiration.

Save the Date ideas

Vintage theme is getting more and trendier lately. In case you plan to incorporate the vintage theme into your wedding celebration, consider cluing your guests of what is expecting them. There are a variety of distinct designs you may choose from.
Let your guests enjoy your brilliant smile and simply replace the picturesque designs with the photo of your couple. Your friends and family members will be probably happy to get the picture of your in the threshold of your coming wedding.
The postcard can serve as an inspiration for your guests and can encourage them to pack their bags as soon as possible. The “Save the Date” in the form of the postcard will certainly raise the excitement among your guests.
If you are limited on the budget, consider opting for the “Save the Date” E-card. This way you not only save the significant sum of money, but also can be sure nothing is missing. Since nowadays families tend to be spread around the world, sending the e-cards is probably the easiest and the most effective way to tell the rest of the world about the good news.
Consider setting up the blog page where all the details of your wedding day will be listed including the photos in the certain style as well as a map. Having the wedding blog allows your friends and family members be updated about the wedding-planning process.

Planning to propose to your girlfriend on the exotic islands? Think about having the “Save the Date” in the bottle style. The actual wedding invitations could come in this format as well.
Travel Orientated
The original way to inform your guests about the wedding location is sending them the “Save the Dates” in the format of the airplane tickets or the boarding passes that look just like real ones. You may even find some with the magnetic backing.
High tech
Want to impress your guests with the unique “Save the Date”. Then go for the wedding date announcement in the format of animation, which will definitely make you stand out.
“Save the Dates” with magnetic backings are both practical and handy. Once the recipient gets it and places on the fridge, he won’t definitely get your wedding date wrong.
A key chain is a useful item for any person. These “Save the Dates” will definitely gladden your close friends and family members, especially when done with taste.


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