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Spring Weddings Themes

Spring is a nice period for weddings celebration. It is time when the flowers bloom and the weather is not very cold or warm. Going for the certain theme for your wedding will direct you regarding the color gamma, flowers, cake décor and even the wedding party apparel. Despite the fact that any wedding is attractive itself, choosing the wedding theme can turn your celebration into the striking and unforgettable event.

Spring wedding themes

Garden theme
Garden-themed wedding requires printing of invitations, programs and favors on the botanical papers, preferably with the inserted plant seeds. Consider going for the wildflower centerpieces in the subdued shades placed in the pastel vases or cans. Figure your venue manager whether it is possible to release live butterflies instead of throwing rice. Only ensure to strictly follow the instructions from the butterfly suppliers since butterflies are very vulnerable and could be easily damaged or even killed when treated roughly.
Asian theme
Japanese or Chinese-themed weddings can truly evoke romance. Declaim your vows under the arch created using the branches of the cherry three and have the flower girls throwing the flower petals along the aisle. Consider printing the programs on the hand fans and packing your wedding favors in the pockets created from the embroidered silk. If you plan your wedding to last till the deep night, consider glowing the paper lanterns along the territory.
Seaside theme
If you and your fiancé are the big fans of the sea or ocean, simply opt for the seaside theme. Pick the blue to be the key color. As for the centerpieces, you may replace the ordinary candle centerpieces with the old brass lanterns. Don’t forget to embellish your wedding invitations with the seaside elements like starfish, seashells and sand.
Fantasy Theme
Fantasy wedding theme is both original and fun. As for the party apparel, consider having your flower girls wear the large scale wings along with floating short dresses while throwing the rose petals. Consider putting the floral wreathes, ribbons or even angel nimbuses on their heads and have them blow the bubbles while the newlyweds leave the venue.

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