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Signet Engagement Ring For Him And Her

Signet rings aren’t typically offered as engagement rings but some are so stylish and beautiful you both would want to wear them. The great thing about signet rings is that they aren’t as expensive and can go with a variety of styles whether we’re talking about other jewelry or clothes. They are also a great alternative for girls who don’t care much for diamonds and other precious stones.

Since signet rings are so unisex you can replace your wedding bands with them if you are into more statement jewelry or simply want something more special and unique.

They come with floral decorations, various engravings, or plain. If you want you can engrave your significant other’s initials on the ring or have your own symbol engraved to personalize those signets. 

Just for the love of all that’s dear to you, don’t wear it on your pinky.

Signet Engagement Rings

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signet ring

signet ring

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