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Rainy Weather Wedding Ideas & Tips

Rain can be a nuisance, especially on a weďdng day but that’s if you do not expect it. If you’re living in a climate where rain seasons are a thing or it rains simply more often during the months you chose to marry, it’s prudent to introduce some rain-proofing accessories and decor into your planning.

Rain Wedding Ideas

Wedding tent

Umbrella Basket

If your rains are mild and you expect them to hit and go a basket of umbrellas for your guests to protect themselves in case of rain would be a perfect solution for both ceremony and reception. Of course, having an indoor shelter would be great as well but no one should interrupt a ceremony even if the rain hits and nobody wants to celebrate a wedding in a wet clothes.

Wedding rain bootsRain Boots

Make a fashion statement with your rain boots and have an excuse to kick off the heels. They don’t have to be necessarily white. Just pick a color that will go well with your bouquet.


If rains are a certainty and you want an outdoor wedding a transparent tent is a great venue for a reception. You get to enjoy both the views and the comfort of the indoors.

The best thing is that this kind of wedding decor doesn’t ruin your plans for an outdoor wedding or a photoshoot. Your guests can still use umbrellas if it’s sunny and they will definitely appreciate a tent in a good weather just to get out of the sun and have more comfort of eating alfresco.

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