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Most Unusual Wedding Arch Ideas

When it comes to a wedding arch opinions may differ. It only takes about ten minutes to get  over with the ceremony and thus it should be simple and classic. And there is a tendency to make an arch the focus of the wedding decor because it is made for a very special and intimate moment when two lives become one.

Of course, when it comes to decorating a wedding arch the rule of ‘less is more’ doesn’t seem to work and you may end up spending lots and lots of dollars on floral arrangements but with these unusual arches you won’t have to.

Floor wedding arch

This feather and flower ring may not be as cheap but it sure looks impressive and unusual

There are quite a few ways to make a wedding arch both frugal and unique. First of all, location matters. If you walk around your historical or country sights and see something that could work as an arch, or have a special place where you want to get married, the location may be more of a decoration and carry a lot in terms of making an arch special.

For instance, the arch on the river looks absolutely fantastic and the tree with an arched trunk and branches decorated with lace is something out of this world. You can also use what you have and decorate an arched doorway in your house.

A wedding arch can also be a complete DIY project. There are many things you can use to construct one.

Curtain arch

We are loving the white lightweight drapes that you can hang in so many different ways and not even pick up a hammer. And the book wedding arch looks quite unexpected although you’d have to figure out how to fix it together.

You can also use junk and decorative objects like parasols to make a one-of-a-kind wedding arch that may hold a special meaning to both you and your significant other.


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