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Man Makes Engagement Ring To Propose To His Girlfriend

Would you love a store-bought professionally made diamond ring or handmade ring your significant other created as a surprise? One man has shared his story about making an engagement ring for his girlfriend while she was in school. Previously having some experience with metal works afforded him a tool kit, which he replenished with materials he didn’t have and metals and stone for the ring, which totaled at $300.

One Couple’s Handmade Engagement Ring

Ring moneyshot

After a few practice drafts he borrowed his girlfriend favorite ring to measure the right size and used the sterling silver stock to create a band for his engagement ring. He had a choice between a 4 and 6 prong stone setting and ended up choosing the white gold 6 prong setting for a .5-carat Moissanite stone that is clearer than diamond but could easily be mistaken for a sapphire. The stone was set at the jeweler’s and given a rhodium dip to prolong silver shine and marry the white gold and sterling silver for a uniform look.

Tool kit

Tools of labour

Ring drafts

Ring drafts with 4 and 6 prong settings

Measuring size

Girlfriend’s favorite ring

Engagement ring

Final version on girlfriend’s hand, we take it she said Yes

The pair planned to elope to New Orleans. We wish them all the best in their future together!


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