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How To Throw Vintage Wedding

We always tend to look back and enjoy the sweet memories of past days. This is the reason we keep the wrinkled and ripped photos in a nice box, which we take out at very special moments. This is also why we love to remember things from our childhood or adolescence. However, sometimes this requiem turns to have a larger scale. For instance, the global obsession with vintage trends did not leave out anyone. People go for vintage cars, architecture, haircuts and outfits. The humankind has witnessed quite a number of weddings styled in this way as well. While such an event speaks to many people, not everyone is able to throw up a perfect one. If you have your big day coming very soon, but you are still not sure about the way you would like it to be, scroll down and you will get a perfect example.

6 Steps To Throw Up A Vintage Wedding Party

Vintage weddingFirst and foremost, you have to find wedding outfits that are styled in vintage. There are plenty of variations one can come up. Taking into account the high popularity of this trend, you won’t have any trouble finding a proper dress. Your beloved one has a much easier task (as it always happens). He just has to grab a pair of suspenders, a white shirt and pants in gray or sand brown. A bow tie would also do good, however it is not a vital accessory. The most important thing here is to make your outfits correspond with each other, otherwise you will end up with guests wondering what the whole thing is about.

While finding a decent wedding dress is one of the most important steps, you also have to pay attention to accessories. No matter how lovely your gown is, if you fail to style it with the right jewelry pieces, your goal will never be complete. And it is not only about jewels. The veil is of a high importance as well, since this piece covers your precious face and head. Therefore, you ought to search hard for some unique items from an antique shop or else have your grandma get all her treasures from the chest.

Next step is to arrange a proper setting. Forget about high-technology equipment and glasses of martini. Vine and vinyl player is what you need instead. Also, make sure that the place that you rent creates an atmosphere of sixties or at least seventies. That means you have to avoid fancy dishes and utensils  – the more simple the better. Also, spread out some cool attributes of the sweet era, such as a box for the card wishes or a vintage camera. I am sure people would love to experience something else rather than an i-phone.

While you are all busy with preparing for the big day, don’t forget about the guests. Not only does your maid have to wear a vintage-styled outfit, but also it is the rest of your guests who need to look accordingly. That means that either you yourself have to worry about these outfits or your guests need to be super responsible and devoted to come up with the saucy ensembles on their own. Below are just a couple of examples of how your relatives and friends should dress up. As you can see, the mission is quite achievable, since  it is all about lovely flare dresses and sweet headpieces for ladies. As for men, the task becomes even more simple, as there are no special accessories to style their outfits with.

Vintage weddingOne more thing to take into account is the vehicle that will take both of you to your first ride together. You might have already figured it out yourselves, but just in case: there is absolutely no room for our beloved limos. Even if you have been dreaming about it since your childhood, forget about this kind of transport if your choice is a vintage wedding. What you need to find instead is much more engaging though. The fancy car below looks ten times as cool and impressive as any limousine in the world. Just imagine the reaction of people on the streets when they spot your dream vehicle riding across the city. It does not necessarily have to be white – the world is your oyster in this sense. I personally would go for a red number or a black one with some white styling. It is your wedding after all and it has to be the way you want.

Lastly, in order to create a party of your dream, you have to first intrigue your guests. Let them have some thoughts and predictions about your big day – this will make talks about your wedding circulate in the community for a while. Which in turn will give you an extra credit for preparation! The only thing you have to do is to make a pile of extremely creative and totally vintage invitation cards. The best option would be to make them yourself, using a typewriter and some olden craft paper. You can easily decorate your cards with handy materials, such as sequins, beads or paper flowers. Such a card will definitely make the recipient wonder about the event and look forward to it more anxiously.

These were the most crucial elements to take into account when arranging a vintage wedding party. While you don’t have to follow all the steps completely, it would be nice if you can accomplish these tasks. This will definitely simplify your life as well as save some nerve cells.

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