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Guide on Staying Warm at Winter Wedding

winter-wedding-decorating-ideasHaving wedding in winter guarantees the romantic vibe and stunning background for the wedding photos. The only nuance is getting prepared beforehand in order to avoid trembling on your wedding day.

You can find five ways that will help the bride stay warm during your wedding day without loosing the attractiveness.

How to stay warm at the winter wedding

If you plan to be a winter bride, you can simply introduce the fur in your bridal look. Even if you are not the big fan of fur, take into consideration that it is a fashion staple of all winter weddings.
winter-weddingJust imagine, you will look like a princess from wonderland wearing the fur coat or shrug over the snow-white wedding gown complemented with the chandelier-styled earrings. Don’t forget to finish your look with the red lipstick. If you cannot picture the winter wedding look of your dream, you may find inspiration in real wedding photos taken in Aspen or Colorado.
Winter wedding is one of a kind chance to try on those fancy long gloves. So, if you decided to go down the aisle in the wintery weather, benefit in full from that. You may also consider having your bridesmaids, groomsmen and even the groom wear the gloves in order to look harmonious on wedding pictures.
Bride and groom are not the only people that have to feel comfortable at the wedding: don’t forget to take care about the convenience of your guests by providing them with cashmere blankets and scarves on hand. Opt for the subdued colors of cashmere that will suit the overall wedding palette. Believe me your guests will appreciate your care. Wedding party can also have the cashmere scarves.
Hot drinks
In order to create the cozy atmosphere, have the hot drinks available both during the ceremony and reception. It could be hot chocolate, hot toddies, apple cider, Irish coffees, eggnog or drinks that contain a bit of alcohol. If you belong to the tea devotees, you may set the tea buffet for your guests.
Heat lamps
In case you plan to have the tented wedding, don’t forget to set the heat lamps. Locate them all around the room, approximately 1 per every 10 persons. If you are going to have the wedding reception in tend, it would be better to get the extra tent layer and double the door in order to save as much warmth inside as possible.
Following these five ideas you will no doubt stay warm during your winter wedding.


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