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Guide to Looking Best on Wedding Photos

The bride to be goes through a lot of procedures and sacrifice in order to look her best on your wedding day. Pre-wedding procedures include eyebrows plucking, hair coloring and teeth whitening and these are just the few to mention. All of them are done in order to amaze the guests and the groom on the first place with bride’s stunning look. Another reason for pre-wedding procedures is the intention to looking perfect on the wedding pictures.

Sure, photographer is the one whose skills can make any bride look the most flattering way at the moment she says “I do”. Brides, in turn, should also make some efforts for having the wedding photos you will be proud of. With our basic tips, you will find out how to look your best on wedding photos starting from the right posing.

How to look your best on wedding photos

Using the natural light
Professional photographers like spots rich with a natural sunlight, so don’t avoid taking some shots outdoors. Depending on the season when your big day will take place, make sure to dress accordingly in order to avoid dissatisfaction on your face.
Wedding-bride-groomKeep in mind that direct sunlight can deform the facial features and smear your skin. Opt for the spot with just a bit of shade in order to get the smooth photos. Always consider the photographer’s advices concerning the lighting- he is an expert in this field, isn’t he? Don’t be afraid to discuss the anxieties you have before the actual wedding day, for instance, the lack of lighting indoors.

Practice posing

The proper posture can make you look thinner in the photos, the only thing you should know what poses will flatter your body. Having your shoulders back and a slight leaning back on one foot can really transform your silhouette. Keep the majestic bearing while standing or sitting. Keeping your chin up straight will make your neck appear longer. Before the actual day take some time to practice smiling and posing in front of the mirror.
Right makeup
As for the makeup, don’t try to appear maximally natural by going makeup free. The right makeup can totally make over your wedding look at the pictures. Appoint a meeting with the makeup artist in order to discuss your wedding makeup tone. Keep in mind that false eyelashes and extensions will make your gaze more open, while the plugged eyebrows will make your face look well-groomed and polished. The important thing is not going too far with your wedding makeup since you don’t want to be unrecognizable on your wedding photos. Use the special tissues for removing the face grease and sweat.

Wedding-bride-groomDrink issue
Some brides just don’t see their weddings with having couple drinks at the reception. But, think about it, would you want to see yourself holding a can of beer at the wedding photo? Put your drink on the nearby table prior posing with your guests. The better option is having your drink in nice tall wineglass so that nobody will guess about its content. Don’t try to dance holding the drink in your hand otherwise you are risking spilling it on your white dress.
Wedding-bride-groomMeet with photographer
Believe me, the wedding day is always accompanied by the chaos, so you won’t have extra time for discussing important issues like photography. Appoint a meeting with your photographer before the actual day and tell him which photos are mandatory. Discuss with your family members and your groom which guests should in the wedding pictures and come up with the list, which you will give to your photographer. It will keep you away from needless disappointment once you get the wedding album.
Wedding-bride-groomAlso, talk about the overall style of the photos: whether you would like the traditional or modern photos.

And, in conclusion, be yourself and forget about the photographer that is following your everywhere. Believe me, the best photos are taken when the bride has fun, enjoys the moment and laughs.


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