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Guide on Eco-Friendly Wedding

Couples tend to opt for the best offers available on the market when it concerns their wedding including the best looking flower arrangements, luxurious attire and tasty menu. But you should keep in mind that opting for the eco-friendly wedding items can definitely help our planet.

You will be surprised to know that the eco-friendly weddings have never been more simple and budget-friendly. Besides, would you want to spend saved money on the honeymoon? So consider going Earth with our simple tips.

Guide on eco-friendly wedding

Start the wedding planning with choosing the LEED-certified venue and doesn’t require an additional decoration. It would be also an advantage if the ceremony and reception could be held in the same area.
Food and Beverage
It is probably the easiest detail- simply go seasonal and organic.
The flowers that grow locally and in-season will best suit the eco-friendly principle as well as the organic flowers. On the wedding day you can use the same flowers for decorating both the ceremony and reception in order to get the maximum benefit from them.
Candles and lighting
Keep in mind that soy and beeswax candles are the most eco-friendly options. As for the lighting, going for the LED-powered and energy-efficient lighting also conforms the eco-friendly principle.
Consider using the e-mail messages and refusing the save-the-date paper cards. But you can hardly avoid the paper invites and response cards, so consider going for the recycled paper. Moreover, you can motivate your guests to recycle the invitations themselves.
When it comes to favors picking, you should think if the guests will reuse them again and again. Cannot think of ones? Edible favors is the nice option as well as the items that could be recycled and packed in eco-friendly wrapping.
Wedding gifts
Although cannot direct every single gift you get from the guests, you can always register for donations to the charity of your choice or for the honeymoon trip. This will significantly help your guests to provide you with useful staff.
Attire and accessories
The sure way is going vintage. Look for the dress made from the eco-friendly material and pick the jewelry created from the repurposed metal.
Distribute disposals
It would be nice to dispense leftover things like flowers and food. Also don’t forget to reuse and recycle!

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