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Creative Wedding Cake Stand Ideas

Wedding cake is an ultimate table decoration of any nuptials but a cake stand might add a bit more drama to it. A cake stand is usually a nice little accessory that makes cake stand tall above all other things on a table but if you are serving it later and separately you can do it on an entire different creative table as well just to emphasizethe wedding theme or to show off the unique cake design.

Aquarium wedding cake stand

One of the many things you can do for serving your cake with glamour and grandeur is decorating your wedding cake stand further. You can use pearls and stones for that as well as wrap your stand in lace or fabric to coordinate with your wedding decor.

Another amazing idea is to make a cake stand a logical extension of your cake. So, for instance, if a cake is decorated with chaise longues and seashells you could make the cake stand look like sea by wrapping it into a sea blue fabric.

If you want to attract special attention to your cake then go with a custom table. It could be a driftwood handmade table, a barrel, or even a bird bath if you’re having a wedding reception outdoors in a garden.

Think of the way you want to serve your wedding cake and it might become an entire separate feature of your wedding.

Wedding Cake Stand Ideas


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