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Central Park Wedding Locales

Central Park is an ideal wedding location since it uncovers the striking view. We are going to discuss the best locations for holding the weddings in the Central Park.

You should know that each wedding location in the Central Park can offer the distinct level of privacy: some of them can boast the picturesque views, some are located close to the key sights of the Park, and others are located by the Subway stops.

Depending on the size and area each location can fit the limited number of guests. So, once you decide to hold your wedding in the Central Park, you should take into consideration all of these factors.

Best wedding locations in the Central Park

Shakespeare Garden
Shakespeare Garden received its loud name since it has all the flowers that were mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays and poems. Flowers are the key elements that make the gorgeous view. It is a four-acre garden with a few paved pathways, wooden benches, decorative plates with the poet’s masterpieces and of course the big stone bench at the top of the garden.
Ladies’ Pavilion
It is a nice location by the Lake surrounded by the seats, which serves as a symbol of the 19th century American decorative culture. It got its name owing to the interesting fact: women would change their ice skates for skating on the Lake seating on these benches.
Bethesda Terrace
Another perfect wedding locale is the Bethesda Terrace that was built in the form of the church aisle. It offers a stunning view on the Fountain and the Lake. There are the striking stone carvings on the fountain that symbolize the four seasons, while those facing the Mall symbolize the times of the day. The shelter will provide the protection from the rain and sunshine.
Wagner Cove
Wagner Cove is a perfect place for a small wedding. It will take your guests away from the city vanity in the shady corner of the Lake providing them with a striking view on the Bow Bridge. This location is kind of hidden since the steps that lead to it are concealed among the trees. This location is close to the key Park sights so you won’t have to walk for a long to take the photos.
Bow Bridge
Bow Bridge holds the status of the most popular muse for the wedding photographers. Regardless being not the quietest area in the Park, the view from the Bridge is symbolic to the Central Park as the Manhattan skylines peeping out from the trees. By the way, it is the oldest bridge in the Central Park and second oldest in the United States.
Belvedere Castle
It is the second natural dais in the Central Park and thus offers the marvelous view on the Park sights and its cityscape. Belvedere Castle means the “beautiful view” in Italian. Being built back in 1869, it held the lookout function. An interesting fact, all the weather forecasts at the Central park were taken from Belvedere Castle.

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