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3 Unusual Thank You Note Ideas

Thank you notes are considered good etiquette in some parts of the world, so if it’s relevant to your situation coming up with an unusual thank you note might seem daunting. Fear not, though, there are quite a few ways to make your thank note as memorable as your wedding.

Thank you note

Send Guests Their Pictures

Instead of sending your photo with the thank you note, do send your guests’ photos from your wedding back to them. You can sign them and thank them on the back of the printed photos or add a small letter note if you don’t want to write on the photo. It’s not going to be as big of a task if you had a small intimate wedding. If your wedding was big and you couldn’t possibly sort and sign all the photos just send them a link to your Flickr or other social media where they can download their photos from your wedding or tag themselves.

Share Ideas

If there was a particular thing that stood out for your guests during your wedding like a drink or a meal, you can include a recipe for it with into your thank you notes. Be sure that your guests will be twice as happy to get your letter.

Write A Letter

Many thank you notes are standardized cards with printed text and some space for handwriting. But if you really want to show your guests some appreciation write a personalized letter by hand. This is rare nowadays and so it will make for a much more sincere and heartwarming thank you note.


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