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Flowers to Avoid in Your Wedding Bouquet

wedding-flowersWomen consider the wedding to be one of the most important days in their lives that they dreamed about since they remember themselves. You have probably drawn in your imagination the ideal wedding dress, the stunning ceremony and yourself walking down the aisle to your dream-man.

So, even if you have a clear picture how everything should look on the big day, there are still some details to consider. For instance, the type of flowers you will be using for decorating the reception and ceremony area. In fact flowers are an essential part of wedding celebration, especially the bridal bouquet since it will be the part of your bridal look and will be imprinted on the wedding photos.

Even though almost every type of flowers are stunning and in some way beautiful, not all of them could be the part of your wedding bouquet. Learn what flowers to avoid in your wedding bouquet.

Flowers to avoid in wedding bouquet

Artificial flowers
Even though you may find some really gorgeous flowers among the artificial ones, the key aspect of wedding bouquet is elegance and style, while artificial flowers will bring the cheap feel to your look. Fresh flowers in turn add classiness and grace to the bridal look.
There are no doubts that lilies are the beautiful flowers that will perfectly suit the Valentine’s Day. But unfortunately they are not as good when being used as wedding bouquet flowers because of their fragrance. In addition, lilies are very delicate and thus are likely to be damaged.
If you still want to have the flowers with the elongated petals, consider the orchids instead. They look almost the same as lilies but are distinguished with the nice fragrance and hardiness. Moreover, orchids symbolize bride’s purity and innocence, while their white color will suit almost every bridal look.
In case you want to incorporate hydrangeas into your wedding day, you should only using them for decorating the reception or ceremony area since it is essential to keep them in water. Hydrangeas in pink and blue hues are the perfect flowers for your wedding ceremony decorating. Despite their beautiful appearance, you would rather avoid using them in bridal bouquet since they require water for looking fresh.
And remember about matching the overall wedding theme when picking the wedding day flowers. It is not a birthday party you used to throw every year, it is one of a kind occasion and thus should be ideally organized in small details.

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