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Wedding Floral Trend- Cascading Flowers

Lately the gorgeous looking “cascading” flower arrangements take over the wedding receptions with the contemporary feel. The centerpieces and bridal bouquets performed in this hottest floral style tend to bring the elegance and uniqueness to your wedding reception and won’t be left unnoticed. Besides, this trend also appears in wedding cakes and ceremony décor. If you plan to impress your guests with the impressive flower arrangements they would never forget, go for the jaw-dropping cascading flower arrangements.
Cascading centerpieces and runners will vivify any wedding reception and are the true eye-candy. But the one thing to mention is its high price since cascade arrangements require a lot of flowers for producing the proper effect. So, in case you are limited in finances, I would suggest to place the cascade runner centerpieces on few tables and on the main table- bride and groom’s.
Seems like the wedding bouquets in cascade style get the second wind after the years of being out of trend. Brides, that want to step outside the border and complement their wedding look with the stylish original bouquet, should definitely consider going for the cascade-styled bouquet.

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