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Types of Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquet will be definitely the most significant bouquet of flowers in your life. So, treat the choosing process very seriously since the wedding bouquet will become not only one of the main attention-catching elements, but also the key element on the wedding photographs.

The process of choosing the wedding flowers should be difficult since there is the variety of styles available to suit the brides with the most original taste. The only thing is the risk of feeling overwhelmed with the beauty of the various wedding bouquets. We have prepared for you the guide on the wedding bouquets that will help you to define what style will suit the most your wedding theme and dress.

Types of wedding bouquets

Posy bouquet
It has the traditional round shape and is popular among the contemporary brides since it is easy to carry and lightweight owing to the small size. The posy bouquet is able to suit almost any wedding. It can come in two options: one with the unstructured and loose arrangement intended for the weddings with the vintage or country theme and tight bouquet for the weddings in contemporary style.
Composite flower bouquet
The composite flower bouquet belongs to the wedding bouquets with the contemporary feel. This arrangement is composed from the dozens of petals that are bound for creating the impression of the single gigantic flower. Even though it might appear that this type of bouquet is plain and casual, in fact this bouquet is considered to one of the most expensive.
Shower bouquet
I would call this bouquet as the most graceful one. It is designed to elegantly flow out of bride’s hands. This waterfalls-inspired bouquet style became popular after Princess Diana’s wedding back in 1980s and undergoes the revival over the last years. This bouquet may contain almost any type of flowers including the trailing ivy or fresh foliage.
Shower Bouquet Traditional
Nosegay bouquet
Also called the tussie-mussie, the Nosegay bouquet appeared in the middle ages. It has the round form and is heavily packed with flowers. Usually it has the central flowers, which is surrounded with the “filler flowers” and finally structured with the fresh herbs. The ribbon from organza, which is used to bound it all together, makes the bouquet easy to hold and carry.
Presentation bouquet
The presentation bouquet is the sheaf of the flowers and herbs with the long stems intended for brides to cradle it in her arms. It got very popular at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is an original alternative to the traditional bouquets. Besides, it adds the Hollywood chic to bride’s look. As a rule, the presentation bouquet features the long stemmed flowers like Calla lilies and roses.
Biedermeier bouquet
The Biedermeier bouquet is similar to the Nosegay style. Like Nosegay, it is tightly wrapped and has the circular patterns created by flowers of different colors. Each ring features certain type of flowers, what gives the interesting visual effect. Lately this bouquet is again in fashion among the contemporary brides owing to its original look and beauty.

Wrist corsage

This is an interesting substitute to the habitual bouquet. The stunning corsage on your wrist will look delicate and original on your wedding day. Besides, you won’t have to worry about carrying the bouquet in hands all the time, so you will have the chance to enjoy your big day to the full. Moreover, you may provide your bridesmaids with the wrist corsages. They can be made from flowers in various color gammas that allows complementing any color scheme.
Pomander bouquet
Pomander looks like a ball of flowers that are set in the floral foam and hand on the decorative ribbon made from satin. As a rule the pomander bouquets are intended for flower girls, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that brides cannot opt for the bouquet of this style.


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