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How to Make Wedding Flowers Order

Bridal Bouquet
Flowers make up the key part of the wedding venue decorations, but along with that they also take a major part of the wedding budget. In fact wedding flowers ordering requires more efforts than simply buying your favorite blooms in the flower shop. So, don’t hesitate to do some research before you first meet with your florist. This way you will ensure you will get the proper amount of flowers within your wedding budget.

How to Order Wedding

Establish the maximum sum you are willing to spend on flowers.

Come up with the list of all the flowers you need, which usually includes the bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, groomsmen boutonnieres, corsages for other people involved in wedding planning, altar and reception flower arrangements. Besides, the list could also include the special throw-away bouquet and the petals for the flower girls.

Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Chose the right florist by meeting with numerous wedding florists: this way you will be able to learn about their style and take a look at examples of work. In case you plan your wedding on the wedding season, make sure to book the florist as soon as possible.

Figure whether you want to opt for the real or fake flowers. The latter could become a great keepsake from the wedding, however despite the fact that the silk flowers look realistic, a lot of brides still lean towards the fresh ones.

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Decide on the flowers color palette. Opt for the hues that will best suit the bridesmaids’ dresses and the wedding venue design.

Chose the types of blooms for the floral arrangements. Keep in mind that the flowers that grow in your area and are available this season will save you the significant sum of money. Check the bridal magazines and website for the striking ideas of the floral arrangements.

Wedding Flower Arrangements

Decide with your florist on the designs of each flower arrangements. Afterwards figure whether the estimate cost matches the budget. In case it significantly surpasses the budget, then go over this process again and try to either pick the cheaper flowers or order less arrangements.

Ensure the florist scheduled your order on the right day. Discuss the delivery details otherwise you risk having your flowers dropped off in the wrong location.

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Be read to pay at least some part of the overall cost when you place the order.

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