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10 Best Wedding Favors for Fall Weddings

We came up with the list of 10 best wedding favors for celebrations that take place in fall.

Best favors for the fall wedding

Caramel apples
Have your attendants take home the symbolic fall fare- caramel apples. But beforehand make sure to pack each of them and tie with ribbon in the matching palette with the wedding theme color. This way your guests won’t soil themselves with the caramel when taking favors home.
Soy candles
Soy candles in the hues like orange, yellow and brown will warm your guests during the chilly fall nights. Don’t forget to pack each candle in the nice box in the matching color palette. Moreover, they can serve as the placecards as well.
Chocolate bars
Chocolate is probably one of the favorite wedding favors. I don’t know a single person that doesn’t like chocolate. So, consider opting for chocolates shaped as the maple leaves or acorns in order to conform to the fall theme. You may either place the packed bar at each place setting or at the desert table.
Maple syrup
Nothing can symbolize the fall better than the maple syrup. You may have your guests take home the small bottles with maple syrup so that they could enjoy their breakfast and recall your big day in memory.
Apple cider mix
Packs of apple cider mix are the nice option for the reception favors. You may imprint the cute phrase or your names on the pack. Don’t forget to add the cinnamon stirring sticks.
Soaps in the form of pumpkin
They are not only shaped like the fall symbolic vegetable- pumpkin, but also smell like one. Believe me, you guests will be happy to get one as a wedding favor.
Apple tarts
Everybody likes apple tarts, including me. Looking for the way of wowing your attendants? Opt for the apple tarts.
Sunflower seeds
If you plan having the wedding in the countryside-inspired style, then you may consider sunflowers seeds as wedding favors. Put the packets filled with sunflower seeds on each place setting by the vases with sunflower arrangements.
Sugared pecans
Pecans candied with brown sugar won’t leave anybody indifferent. Arrange the cart with pecans for giving them out by the end of the celebration.
Apple butter
Apple butter is a classical fall food with a great taste. Package the butter in jars and cover each of them with fabric in the matching palette with your wedding theme. You can attach the small note with nice words as well.


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