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What to Wear to the Late Afternoon Wedding

Consultants in the sphere of the wedding etiquette advice to dress to the weddings in accordance with the time of the day the ceremony happens and the location. Evening and late afternoon indoor weddings require the formal dressing, whilst the outdoor weddings that take place in the late afternoon require less dressy outfits.

What to wear to the late afternoon wedding

Inform your guests
It would be nice to tell your guests about the expected dress code. Either assign someone from the wedding party to inform your guests or state it in the wedding invitations.
Men’s attire
Men’s suit will work best for the late afternoon wedding receptions. Also consider wearing black-tie attire, which implies the tuxedo in case it is specified in the wedding invitation.
Women’s attire
Both floor long and short dresses are appropriate for the late afternoon wedding receptions, but the long dresses are still more suitable for the more formal affairs. You may complement your look using the jewelry and other beautiful accessories. In case you want to go for the sleeveless or strapless gowns, make sure to take along the wrap or jacket for church weddings.
Extra clothing
Several wedding consultant propose the guests to carry the additional ensembles of clothing for the late afternoon outdoor weddings. Simply figure whether the bride and groom plan to change their outfits between the ceremony and the reception. If yes, feel free to do it as well.
Avoid white color
Even though the women’s attire rules have relaxed lately, it is still inadmissible to wear white at the wedding.

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